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MP Kyle Seeback raises concerns over continued Liberal bungling on Trade file

Shadow Minister for International Trade calls out risk of retaliatory measures against Liberal Digital Tax

For Immediate Release

July 24, 2023

(Ottawa) MP Kyle Seeback (Dufferin-Caledon) Shadow Minister for International Trade, is raising concerns over comments from US Officials towards the Liberal Digital Tax being implemented against the explicit wishes of 138 other nations and districts. “Comments from US Ambassador to Canada David Cohen were explicitly clear: He said that United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai has warned the Trudeau Liberals to not implement a digital tax unilaterally – yet that’s precisely what Canada has done. We are thumbing our noses at our allies in the international community, risking an escalatory trade battle with our friends in the United States and elsewhere. This type of ham-fisted policy and lack of leadership on the International Trade file has never been more apparent than right now.” “Even worse, while being offside from our key trading partners and allies like the US and the UK, the only other nations onside with the Liberal government’s decision include some of the biggest despots in the world, such as Belarus and Russia. If this is the company that International Trade Minister Mary Ng and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau want to keep when it comes to trade, we have much bigger problems than we could have ever envisioned.” “The proposed unilateral imposition of a digital tax by Canada comes at a time when trade with our number one economic partner, the US, is already under immense strain. The digital tax bill is sadly another example of Liberal trade-related legislation that is creating further trade irritants with our largest trading partner. This is especially concerning with the potential 2026 review of the CUSMA agreement that could prove difficult with all the new trade irritants the Liberals have allowed to spring up between Canada and the United States. Conservatives call on the Trudeau Liberals to respect our key trade partners in the rules-based international order. While it’s typical for the Trudeau Liberals to always be looking for new taxes to sneak onto Canadians and business, Common-Sense Conservatives will work with our international trading partners in a fair manner that promotes prosperity for Canada, as opposed to ill advised tax grabs by the Trudeau government.”


Media: MP Kyle Seeback (Shadow Minister for International Trade)


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