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I Want Your Feedback – Car Theft Exploding Across Canada

After 8 years of Justin Trudeau, car thefts are up 300% in Toronto. Nationally, car thefts are up by more than a third since his Liberal government took office. Dufferin-Caledon is not immune from this crime, as media reports and crime statistics have shown.


Peel Regional Police statistics show a 145% increase in auto thefts in Peel in just three years between 3,376 auto thefts in 2020 to 8,279 in 2023.

This explosion of car theft is making life even more unaffordable for Canadians. In Ontario, car theft claims were up 329% in the first half of 2023, adding up to more than $700 million in losses. The Insurance Bureau of Canada estimates this costs every driver in Ontario an extra $130 a year.


Justin Trudeau’s dangerous catch-and-release Bill C-75 allows repeat offenders to be released on bail within hours of arrest, who then often go and promptly re-offend. Even after offenders have been convicted, his reckless Bill C-5 allows house arrest for these criminals, making it easy for them to walk out and steal again. Conservatives will change this by:


  • increasing the mandatory minimum penalty from six months to three years for a third offence of motor vehicle theft.

  • removing eligibility for house arrest if convicted of motor vehicle theft by way of indictment.

  • creating a new, specific aggravating factor where the offence of motor vehicle theft is committed for the benefit of organized crime.

  • repealing catch-and-release rules in Trudeau’s Bill C-75 to ensure that repeat offenders get jail, not bail.

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