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Meet Kyle

Kyle Seeback is a Canadian federal Member of Parliament who represents the riding of Dufferin-Caledon. He is also the Conservative Shadow Cabinet Minister for International Trade. 

Kyle is a tireless advocate for freedom of speech and democratic institutions. He was instrumental in ensuring the passage of the Reform Act, a critical piece of legislation that enhances the independence of Members of Parliament and ensures strong, local representation in Parliament.

In his pre-political life, Kyle worked as a civil litigation lawyer. He is also a trained mediator and has successfully managed several political campaigns.

In his university years, Kyle swam for the Canadian national team and in 1989 was ranked in the world’s Top 16 Swimmers in his specialty, the 200m butterfly. He lives in Orangeville with his spouse, Flutura Mazreku, and is a proud father of Aidan and Maya. He is a powerful voice of the opposition benches at the Parliament of Canada.

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"I represent you. As a Member of Parliament in Ottawa, I make sure to vote the way my constituents wanted me to vote."

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