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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the very best in our community. Residents, small businesses, and community groups alike have been selflessly helping others in need of support during this difficult and uncertain time.

Chase Donnell and his @bombsbychase on  Facebook and Instagram have had a huge impact. In February, he decided to make bath bombs to sell, donating all the proceeds to a local charity of his choice —the     Orangeville SPCA. He was fully supported by his parents, and at the time of his nomination, he had collected almost $3,000.

Chase Donnell.jpg

Parlour Project is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization, with a vision to inspire people to gather and collaborate around the world either in
person or online, bringing well-being and happiness to all.

Parlour Project Volunteers.jpeg

Judy Mabee, the President of the Belfountain Community Organization (BCO). She has worked tirelessly on a variety of community activities and initiatives, ranging from working with the OPP to liaising with local government officials on behalf of Belfountain

She’s given her all to help make the community a better place for everyone to live and enjoy.

Judy Mabee.jpg

Harold and Wanda Janes have invited residents to drop off e-waste and recyclables, which they
dispose of, and then donate all proceeds to various charitable foundations across Caledon.
Last year, Harold and Wanda donated to: Bolton Sea Cadets, the Caledon Seniors Centre, Meaghan’s Music Room, Jason's Quest, G.O.A.L.S., and Fiona Louise Sarcoma Cancer.


Cheltenham General Store has never closed even at the peak of the pandemic. The store has continued to be a convenient location for residents to access important necessities, allowing them to remain close to home and to stay safe.

Cheltenham General Store.jpg

Mary Balinov and Tisho's Music Academy

They’ve provided residents with intellectual disabilities with music lessons, free of charge. This has made a tremendous impact on the lives of program participants. Music is a universal language and something that can connect those needing support, especially during difficult times.


Vanessa Kreuzer and Terry Doel from
Lavender Blue Catering

“They stepped up to feed people affected by COVID and also supported the Orangeville Food Bank and the Headwaters Health Care Centre. While they received some support from customers, sponsors, and service clubs, for the most part they were out of pocket on the food costs and did this out of a sense of mission that people not go hungry.”

Lavender 2.png

Dan Venafro was instrumental in having an outdoor rink installed at Lloyd Wilson Memorial Park in Inglewood, during the immensely difficult winter months of lockdowns and social isolation. The decorated rink became a bright spot for residents where everyone could enjoy the skating area. Dan is also a volunteer firefighter and an active member of the Village of Inglewood Association.

Dan Venafro.jpg

Scott, Dale, Mark, and Carol from Rutledge Farm. This family has been donating skids of fresh vegetables to the Orangeville Food Bank.


Sanjay Sharma

His involvement in helping international students and new Canadians, as well as providing professional mentoring, has been     critically important during this uncertain time.

Sanjay Sharma.jpeg

Lennox Farm and the French family have a history of giving in our community. It was no surprise they immediately stepped up during the pandemic and offered a drive-through grocery service. They seamlessly offered the vulnerable in our community a safe experience to obtain their necessities. This family business gave Melancthon and surrounding area residents peace of mind early on in the pandemic by providing this convenient service, which was greatly appreciated.

covid heroes.png

Bert and Isabel Tupling from Tupling Farms have been making important fresh food contributions to the Orangeville Food Bank.

covid heroes.png

Janet Clark has made a difference by sewing and selling face masks. She has raised over $10,000 in proceeds from the sale of face masks with all funds going to the lung program at University Health Network. This money will be used for research, new technologies, and patient care that will benefit the transplant community.

Janet Clark.jpg

Jennifer Betz from Deja Vu Diner enthusiastically gives to the community. She’s helped local families in need with food, donations, and financial assistance. She’s continued providing this support 15 months into the pandemic.

Jennifer Betz.jpg

Frank Mattacchione has raised over $35,000 for several community initiatives that support our local business owners and engage residents during these difficult times. His goal has been to promote unity and community spirit across Caledon, which he’s successfully achieved through his exceptional efforts.

Frank Mattacchione.png

Barry Kimber from Royal Canadian Legion Br. 233, Orangeville

“As we all know, the Legion has had some problems as of late. The P.O.C. on most things relating to the branch has been lead by Barry Kimber.”

Barry Kimber.jpg

Randy Narine is a firefighter in Peel, as well as a volunteer firefighter in Shelburne. He is also Chair of Choices Youth Shelter, dedicating himself to helping at risk youth.


Joseph Gray is the Donor Relations Officer for S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation.

S.H.A.R.E. enables impoverished, agriculturally-based communities improve their quality of life by supporting projects that contribute to economic, social, and environmental development and sustainability.

Joe Gray.jpg

Isabel and Jeff Holmes from HOLMES AGRO coordinated a number of sizeable fresh food contributions to the Orangeville Food Bank with the support of Tupling Farms, Rutledge Farms, and Gwillamdale Farms. 


Marsha Giammattolo from Hugger Covers Inc. organized a successful face mask donation mission. It started when PPE was not available and since then, over 3,500 masks have been donated to countless health institutions, essential workers, and shelters.

Marsha Giammattolo.jpg

Suzanne Lachance took on the important role of Community Volunteer Income Tax Coordinator. She’s worked tirelessly to ensure low income taxpayers receive free assistance in filing their income tax returns.


Pastor Mathew McLean and the team from Good Friends Fellowship Church’s Lighthouse organization have taken the initiative to help the homeless in Orangeville. 


They work tirelessly feeding people in need, being with them on the street, and making themselves available 24/7 to listen. They’ve provided support in body and spirit to those society has failed while also helping those battling drug addiction.


Father Bob Winn of St. John Albion Church in Caledon East
“Since the beginning of this pandemic, he has never stopped working hard for the community to keep everyone’s spirits up. He has also been working with the schools of St. Cornelius and the secondary school of Robert F. Hall. Now, even with all challenges that he faces, he never gives up. Our country needs more people like him.”

covid heroes.png

Piero Carbone at Garden Foods partnered with the Bolton Rotary Club to support The Exchange’s food support program. Bolton Rotary and Garden Foods have provided $12,500 in grocery cards for distribution to low-income families. The Exchange has more than 300 families relying on their food support program to maintain a healthy diet.

covid heroes.png

This spring, my office received more than a hundred outstanding nominations and it’s my honour to list 25 of them on this webpage recognizing their achievements. Everyday heroes continue to step up and meet every new challenge we face as a community. Their dedication and readiness to help make us proud to live in Dufferin-Caledon and have them as our neighbours.

Please try to support these local organizations and businesses featured in this newsletter by using their services, donating to their initiatives, and simply saying ‘thank you’ to them and all others who are our Community Heroes.




Thank you!

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