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Bill C-242 (Reuniting Families Act)

As a result of my Private Members’ Bill, C-242, the super visa as of July 4th will be greatly improved.


The changes are a tremendous benefit for families applying to make long-term visits to Canadians and permanent residents from abroad. For far too long, families have had many obstacles when trying to reunite with their loved ones here in Canada.


The super visa will be better and easier! It:

  • allows a family member to stay for up to 5 years (it was 2 previously);

  • allows for the purchase of health insurance from countries other than Canada;

  • will also require the government to reduce the income required to qualify for the super visa.

This is about families being together. Please let me know you support the changes that my bill has made by filling out the form below

Do you support Bill C-242 and the changes to the super visa program? 

Thanks for your support!

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