Afghan Sikh and Hindu Families Need Our Help

Afghanistan's Sikh and Hindu communities face a threat to their very existence. The minority communities which once numbered over 200,000 have now dwindled to less than 500 due to decades of persecution. Families without resources or the ability to relocate remain in Afghanistan and are, therefore, the most vulnerable. The majority of the community is forced to reside in gurdwaras and face discrimination in accessing education, employment, and housing.

Without internal flight options, international resettlement has become the only viable solution for Afghan Sikhs and Hindus. In light of the immediate threat faced by these communities, we urge
the Government to create a special program for Afghan Sikh and Hindu refugees under 25.2 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, so that they can be brought to safety in Canada.

Such a program has been created for other vulnerable groups including Tibetan and Syrian refugees in the past. Members of the Sikh community in Canada have offered to privately sponsor these refugees and bear all the costs of these sponsorships.

While we understand that international travel and the resettlement of refugees has been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada must take action now to help Afghan Sikh and Hindu families.

Canada has longstanding a reputation as a world leader on refugee resettlement. We urgently ask that the Government take these essential steps to save the Sikh and Hindu communities in Afghanistan from further attacks and death.

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