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The Trudeau Liberals have an established track record of broken promises, scandals, and corrupt behaviour, as this newsletter has demonstrated. In 2015, they campaigned on a platform to “bring open and honest government back to Ottawa.” Fast forward almost six years later and it’s clear they’ve failed to succeed on this pledge. Sadly, this Liberal government has become the exact opposite of that ideal.

My Conservative colleagues and I have tried to work with the Trudeau Liberals to find common ground and deliver real results for ordinary, hardworking Canadian families and small businesses. During the pandemic, we presented constructive solutions to improve their pandemic response measures. For

example, we supported and put forward changes to the Wage Subsidy and Rent Relief programs to improve them to ensure that they helped Canadians who have fallen through the cracks. 

Image by Lewis Parsons




However, the opportunities to work together have been far and few between, as the Trudeau Liberals have continued to play political games in Parliament. They’ve deliberately confused constructive debate for political delay. They failed to manage the legislative agenda, call bills in no logical order, schedule insufficient time for debate on their legislation, obstruct committee meetings to cover up their scandals, and then make public statements accusing Conservatives of playing games.


These games, combined with the corrupt and unethical behaviour consistently displayed by the Liberal government are why we, Conservatives, have a five-point plan that will finally bring an end to the unchecked corruption in Ottawa. Canadians can expect more of the same from the Trudeau Liberals, which is more corruption, more scandals, and more cover-ups.


Canadians deserve much better than what they’ve been receiving from the Liberal government. There is only one choice to end the corruption and return accountability to Ottawa and that’s Canada’s Conservatives.


Thank you!

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