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Hey Dufferin-Caledon,


Thank you for your recent phone calls, emails, and letters regarding housing affordability in Canada. You are right; housing prices have reached unprecedented highs and the impact is huge, especially for young Canadians, as their dreams of home ownership are dashed. 


The dream of home ownership is now out of reach for many Canadian families and this housing crisis has been brewing for years. The Liberal government and Prime Minister Trudeau have had their heads in the sand and have failed to address this crisis in tangible ways.  According to the research of SHS Consulting (James Chaarani for Caledon Enterprise, May 1, 2021), the maximum that low-income households can pay for housing is $247,554, and it’s $443,591 for moderate-income households. However, the average price for housing in Caledon is $1,107,109. The price jumps to $1,404,324 for detached single dwellings which is appalling.


The escalating housing prices are unacceptable, and I am fighting to make home ownership affordable for the average Canadian. I raised the issue of Canada’s housing crisis and the impact on young Canadians in the House of Commons. I also called on the Trudeau government for a real plan. I invite you to watch Minister Hussen’s response using the link below.


My Conservative colleagues and I introduced a motion to address the housing crisis in Canada. We asked for common sense solutions to address this problem, including examining a temporary freeze on home purchases by non-resident foreign buyers, strengthening law enforcement tools to halt money laundering, implementing tax incentives focused on increasing the supply of purpose-built market  rental housing units, and overhauling housing policy to  substantively increase supply. The Trudeau government voted against these practical solutions.  This is unacceptable.


Canadians need a real plan to help realize their dream of home ownership. It’s time for common sense solutions to finally put home ownership back in the reach of Canadians.

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