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How Should I Vote – Bill C-288: An Act to amend the Telecommunications Act

(transparent and accurate broadband services information)

There are many Private Members’ Bills making their way through Parliament in every session. I review every bill and listen to debates before deciding how I will vote. Part of this process is receiving important feedback from you on these bills to ensure I’m representing your interests.


Private Members’ Bill C-288, an Act to amend the Telecommunications Act, is coming up for a vote. This bill is intended to improve access to transparent and accurate broadband service information.


If passed, Bill C-288 would:

  • provide Canadians with more accurate and transparent information to ensure they have a better understanding of the Internet quality they will receive; and

  • require internet companies to provide a reliable indicator of the speeds a consumer can expect during a peak usage period.

Your input on this key issue matters.
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Bill C-288

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