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Dear Dufferin-Caledon,


Thank you for your emails, phone calls, and letters on Bill C-10. I appreciate you taking the time to voice your concerns and opinion.


As you know, I was very outspoken in my opposition to this bill. I sponsored a petition which collected more than 4877 signatures and tabled it in the House of Commons to call the government to immediately withdraw Bill C-10. Also, I questioned the Minister of Heritage on this very flawed bill. I sent more than 50,000 flyers and ran the radio ad throughout Dufferin-Caledon by which I informed my constituents about this terrible government initiative to make sure that people were aware of this and could join my effort in fighting this. Lastly, I still have a link on my website at where you can go fill out a form adding your voice to this fight. I am extremely disappointed that the Liberals rammed Bill C-10 through the House of Commons without proper debate, especially when it is a bill that’s been widely condemned for its attacks on freedom of speech.


As you may already be aware, Bill C-10 proceeded to the Senate in late June, but it did not pass before the Senate rose for the summer. This is great news and I was relieved because, as you may know, a late-summer or fall election is very likely. If an election is called, Bill C-10 would die on the order paper and this would mean the only way it could proceed forward would be for a future government to table it again in a new parliamentary session. I assure you a Conservative government would never introduce such a deeply flawed bill. Join me in ensuring that freedom of speech is upheld in our great Country.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to write on the matter. I encourage you to voice your opinion on this issue and others in the future. Your input is helpful to me in keeping the values of our riding properly represented.

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