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Petition to the House of Commons



  • As of 2022, US citizens will be able to call 988 to receive help for a mental health crisis;

  • This is supposed to save lives by giving a shorter, easier to remember the suicide hotline;

  • Canada’s current suicide hotline is 10 digits long;

  • This can be long and hard to remember, especially in the time of a crisis;

  • 911 receives thousands of calls every day for mental health emergencies even though they are not the most equipped to handle a mental health crisis;

  • With a 3 digit mental health emergency line hopefully less calls will be made to 911 about individuals in crisis;

  • Every year, several individuals are murdered or injured after police are called for a mental health crisis, this risk is especially high for those who are BIPOC; and

  • My hope is this new number will be more widely known and memorized and we can help redirect mental health help towards mental health professionals and away from police.


We, the undersigned, residents of Canada, call upon the House of Commons to address the issues above and create a 988 suicide helpline or similar 3 digit crisis line.

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